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2017 MTCC Graduation

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The 2017 Fall Semester marks the beginning of our 50th Anniversary Year. Our graduation exercises in August also marks the end of an era--our last August graduation. Beginning in May, 2018, we will join other colleges and universities in holding our annual graduation in May.
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    Cyber Crime is any criminal activity that involves a computer, networked device or a network. Cybercriminals use various attack vectors to carry out their cyberattacks and are constantly seeking new methods and techniques for achieving their goals, while avoiding detection and arrest. This curriculum will prepare students to enter the field of computer crime investigations and private security. Students completing this curriculum will be capable of investigating computer crimes, properly seize and recover computer evidence and aid in the prosecution of cyber criminals. Course work in this curriculum will include a division of work in the disciplines of criminal justice and computer information systems. Additionally, students will be required to take specific cyber crime classes. Graduates should qualify to become computer crime investigators for local or state criminal justice agencies. Also, these graduates should be competent to serve as computer security specialists or consultants with private business.

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