Session Descriptions


Advertising/Graphic Design – Learn how to design eye-catching promotional materials such as magazine advertisements, posters and brochures that effectively communicate a message.  Create visual designs using Photoshop, photography, illustration, painting and more.

Agriculture - Come learn about the amazing world of agriculture and all that it does to feed and clothe the world.  In this session we will learn to work with goat, plant seeds for a garden, and learn how drones are used in agriculture.  

Art/Painting/Drawing – Learn to create works of art by using different mediums such as paints and pencils.

Automotive Technologies – Learn the fundamentals of engine design and vehicle performance while participating in hands-on activities in the MHS automotive lab.

Biology/Anatomy/Physiology – Learning about the living body can be fascinating!  Campers will be able to learn a great deal about how the body works when they dissect a mystery animal!

Chemistry – Chemical compounds make up everything in nature.  Chemists help improve processes and products such as food, cosmetics, drugs and even electronics.  Campers will examine some of those compounds and see how they work with other chemicals.

Construction/Masonry – This session will provide a hands-on introduction to building/architecture and the basics of mason work such as clay bricks, concrete blocks and stone.  Come see all the possibilities of design and construction with brick, mortar and beyond!

Cooking/Culinary Arts – Want to be a Top Chef?  Campers in this session will learn culinary concepts like knife skills, sautéing, baking and pastry techniques, all in a variety of international cooking styles.  Think of it as an investment in your family’s meal time future!

Cosmetology – Explore the career of professional imaging, hair design, skin care and nail care.  Campers will learn what it takes to work in a beauty salon or spa and will be allowed to shampoo and style a mannequin and can have their own hair styled as well.

Cyber Security – Is your computer or tablet not working?  Does it have a virus?  Come to this session to learn how to keep your electronics well, protected and in good working order.  You don’t want them getting sick!

Drafting – Come explore the world of drafting.  See how CAD software is used to design and prototype parts.  We will be creating parts and testing them to see which give the best results on our two liter aqua pod bottle rockets.

Drones – Campers will learn all about drones and what makes them fly.  They will learn how to operate small drones (UAV’s) and understand basic flight regulations.  Small drones will be provided to practice hands-on flying in this session.

Electricity – What happens at your house when the power goes out? If you want to know more about electricity and how it impacts everything we do on a daily basis and get to do some hands on wiring and electrical work this session is for you!

Emergency Services/Fire Technology – Learn what it takes to be an emergency responder!  This session has LOTS of hands-on simulation activities to help you decide if being an emergency responder is for you.  Leadership and community service opportunities are also highlighted.

Environmental Science – Explore topics and careers in environmental science through fun hands-on activities to learn about the earth, its resources and how to care for it.

Esthetics – Learn the science and art behind skin care and what it takes to work in a spa.  Activities include facials, skin care treatments and more!

Fashion Design – Want to see your design on a runway?  Learn about fashion design through fabric, style, trends and colors to create the total “look” you’ve always imagined.

Fitness/Nutrition – Learn how to motivate and lead exercise activities, strength training and stretching by making fitness fun!  Nutrition is an important part of fitness.  Come learn more!

Forestry – Learn how the outdoors can be your office!  A career in forestry involves delivering wood products to market as well as helping protect our outdoor environment.  Campers will be outdoors among the trees for this session!

Game Art & Design – Explore games of all types and find out what it takes to become part of the multibillion dollar gaming industry.  Learn basics of game theory, craft your own board game and explore 3DS Max, the industry leader in 3D animation software.

Gizmos & Gadgets – Want to invent something cool or create your own robots? Discover how to work with LittleBits and create cool gizmos and gadgets then learn how to code your invention to move, keep score and more.

Healthcare – Learn what it takes to work in the field of healthcare.  This session involves hands-on activities like taking blood pressures, putting on bandages, taking temperatures and much more.

Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration – It’s no fun when your home is cold in the winter or hot in the summer!  Take this session to learn the basics of heating, cooling and refrigeration so that you can be comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside.

Law Enforcement/Forensics – Do you like to solve mysteries?  Campers will learn how officers solve mysteries (crimes) by collecting and analyzing evidence found at the scene.  Discover what a police officer does and learn about traffic laws, emergency responses, ethics and community relations.

Machining/Welding – Interested in creating things out of metal?  Campers will explore how to shape, texturize, solder, fabricate and cast metal into almost any form imaginable.  You will also learn the basics of Arc Welding and create a metal project to take with you.

Manufacturing – How do humans and robots work together to make items that you find in local stores? This session will offer hands-on activities concentrating on manufacturing automation and the manufacturing process.

Meteorology – The weather is always changing and it can be dangerous as well as helpful. We will build solar ovens to cook hot dogs and s’mores, create an insulator to keep popsicles cold, design your own meteorology map with magnets, and create other weather-related instruments!

Music – Tap into your musical abilities in this session!  Campers will create music, learn about the theory of music and discover how music can by a great career.

NJROTC – the NJROTC program is about honor, self-reliance, teamwork and leadership.  Learn about his program as cadets instruct you in air rifle, orienteering, drill and physical fitness exercises.

Photography – Learn to operate a digital camera and how to take portrait and action sports photographs.  You will create your own unique photos, learn how to make computer adjustments to your photos and take home a session picture!

Plumbing – Do you know what to do if the faucet starts to leak?  This hands-on workshop will give students first-hand knowledge about fixing and troubleshooting many common plumbing problems.

Theater Arts - Come ready to dive in to Theater Arts! During this session campers will create an Oral Presentation and explore Puppetry, Costuming, Stage Makeup and more!

Veterinary Medicine – Do you love animals and want a career working with them?  Campers will learn how veterinarians take care of animals, diagnose diseases by looking at samples under microscopes and experience other hands-on activities.

Wildlife Management – Wildlife officers or park rangers have some of the coolest jobs around.  They work outdoors in beautiful and exciting locations, find lost hikers, lead tours, protect wildlife, and enforce laws on park property. Enjoy learning about all this in a park setting!