Business Administration

This curriculum is designed to introduce students to the various aspects of the free enterprise system.  Students will be provided with a fundamental knowledge of business functions, processes and an understanding of  business organizations in today’s global economy.

Course work includes business concepts such as accounting, business law, economics, management and marketing.  Skills related to the application of these concepts are developed through the study of computer applications, communication, team building and decision making.

Through these skills, students will have a sound business education base for lifelong learning.  Graduates are prepared for employment opportunities in government agencies, financial institutions and large to small business or industry.
Career Information from the Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the United States Department of Labor:
Degrees Offered in Business Administration:
Business Administration    
Business Administration-Associate Degree A25120 52.0201
Business Administration-Associate Degree A25120B 52.0201
Business Administration-Certificate/Pathway C25120P 52.0201
Typical Classes in Business Administration:
ACC    120    Principles of Financial Accounting                               
BUS    110    Introduction to Business                     
BUS    115    Business Law I           
BUS    125    Personal Finance           
BUS    137    Principles of Management          
BUS    147    Business Insurance          
BUS    153    Human Resources Management           
BUS     225    Business Finance          
ECO    251    Principles of Microeconomics           
MKT    120    Principles of Marketing           

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