Public Safety Challenge and Expo

The Public Safety Challenge was created as a response to the establishment of the McDowell High School Public Safety Academy.  The challenge is an opportunity for students in the high school Law and Justice, Firefighting, and EMS programs to showcase their skills.  The challenge involves a physically demanding course that utilizes stations related to all three disciplines.  The students participate as both individuals and part of the group they represent.  The times for each student in each discipline are averaged to determine the winner.  A large trophy is presented to the discipline which has the lowest overall average time.  The trophy stands in the classroom of the winning discipline for the next year as bragging rights for that group.  In addition to the trophy, awards are given individually to the student with the lowest time in each discipline as well as one overall Champion.
In 2018 the Challenge was moved from McDowell High School to McDowell Technical Community College's Law Enforcement Training Center.  An Expo was added to the event.  In 2018, over twenty-five agencies were represented to showcase their department's equipment to the high school students that will soon be looking for employment in the emergency services field.  In 2020, the expo will be bigger and better.
This year's challenge will take place on April 7, 2020.  
If you would like to participate and showcase your agency please click below and complete the form.  Don't forget to click "submit" when you are finished.