Law Enforcement In-Service Training

McDowell Technical Community College is now offering an array of law enforcement in-service training. These classes are open to LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL ONLY. Please note that some classes are open to all law enforcement agencies, while others are open only to specific law enforcement agencies.
Pre-Register On-Line for any In-Service Law Enforcement Training (NOT BLET)
2022 In- Service Training Pre-Register to enroll 
Basic Radar 
Radar Recert 
Radar/Lidar Recert
Location: Law Enforcement Training Center McDowell Tech
Start Time: 8:00am 
State Test on  in the William Harold Smith Building Room 113 at 9:00am
Basic Radar May 23-25 
Radar Recert May 26
Radar/Lidar Recert May 26 
Location: Law Enforcement Training Center McDowell Tech
Start Time: 8:00am  
State Test on May 27 in the William Harold Smith Building Room 113 at 9:00am
Basic Radar October 17-19
Radar Recert October 20
Radar/Lidar Recert October 20
Location: Law Enforcement Training Center McDowell Tech 
Start Time: 8:00am 
State Test on October 21 in the William Harold Smith Building Room 113 at 9:00am
Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)
This Course is for LEO, Fire, EMS in WNC this course is to teach advanced knowledge and skills to help you interact safely and effectively with individuals with mental health, substance use disorder or developmental disability needs. 
Date of training: April 25-29 2022
Location: William Harold Smith Room 113 
Time: 8am-5pm 
Course Cap- 25 students
Please Pre-Register if you are non emergency personal you will be subject to college fees once you have registered a link will be provided to you to submit payment.
Venomous Reptiles Course- This course is to teach the fundamentals of snake knowledge and much more. There isn't a cap on max amount of students. 
Date: Cancelled at this time due to COVID-19 will be re-scheduled in late spring to early summer.  
Basic Ginseng Course 
Date: late spring 2022 
Location: Magnolia Building 18 LETC Room 110
Time: TBD 
General Instructor School 
All applications must be submitted for review by mid February 2022. Course requirements must have 4 years of experience in the criminal justice field. This course will take 2 full weeks and two days to complete. Students are required to show proof of training hours as well as pass a reading test with a score of 11th grade reading level. Students that have sent in their application process will be contacted by staff to schedule their reading test.  Students will also need to complete a PowerPoint and Word course to be able to attend this training these courses will be scheduled at the first of the year. Students will need to fill out the application worksheet as well. The application worksheet is located below. These must be scanned in to [email protected]
Hours: 90 
Date of Training: June, 2022
State Test date: June 24, 2022 @ 9am in the WHS building room 113 
Location: LETC room 110,109,102
Course cap: 16 
Seated Battery-TBD 
MANTA Training-TBD
Drug I-TBD
Drug II-TBD 
Word Course for GI school  6 hours
Power Point Course for GI School 6 hours 
West Point Institute-TBD
ICAT Program-TBD