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Welcome to Distance Learning
at McDowell Technical Community College

                                                                     Summer Perkins



Dear Distance Education Students, 

Welcome to McDowell Technical Community College Distance Learning homepage. Please feel free to explore the options and information.


The Distance Learning program provides access to quality education and instruction for both traditional and non-traditional students through various Distance Learning methods, i.e. North Carolina Information Highway (NCIH)/Two-way Interactive TV, and the Internet.

Though distance learning provides increased flexibility, it requires personal skills such as time management, which, directly relates to awareness, organization, and commitment to your studies. Assignments and examinations are completed within a scheduled time frame, just as in on-campus courses. Online classes are just as demanding as their on-campus counterparts. In fact, it often takes more self-discipline to succeed in an online learning environment due to the absence of face-to-face interaction and mandatory physical attendance that you have in on-campus courses. If you aren't sure if you are ready for an online class, feel free to take the eLearnReady Assessment Survey at the link to the right. You will receive a report with study tips to help you be more successful in your classes. 

Support services for Distance Education students are very important and we want to make certain that you have the assistance you require when you need it. Distance Education faculty members provide their students with a syllabus on orientation day and inform students of the requirements for the class. Please adhere to the dates and times for all assignments.


MTCC’s orientation packet will provide answers to most frequently asked questions about Distance Education, as does this website. However, instructors, faculty, as well as myself, may be contacted should you have concerns or questions.

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It is our desire that you succeed in your experience with Distance Education. We wish you the very best this semester.




Summer Perkins

Distance Education Coordinator

Telephone: (828) 652- 0651

Send an Email to Distance Learning: summerperkins@mcdowelltech.edu

Presidium Learning Help Desk or Call Toll Free: 1-866-834-8920


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