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University/College Agreements

Transfer Agreements Specific
to McDowell Technical Community College
McDowell Tech maintains individual transfer agreements with a variety of four-year colleges and universities to assist MTCC graduates with transfer of credit to these senior institutions:
Transfer to a University of North Carolina Public University
All NC Community College students benefit from a transfer agreement maintained by the NC Community College System Office with public universities in North Carolina. This comprehensive articulation agreement establishes college transfer courses, degrees and policies that are accepted by all 58 community colleges and all 16 UNC colleges and universities**, including:
Baccalaureate Degree Plan (BDP) is available for each of the 16 NC public universities.  Sometimes called the “Four Year School Transfer Guide”, BDPs allow a student to make smart course choices while studying at the community college. 
** If a student from a North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) college believes the terms of the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) have not been honored by a University of North Carolina System (UNC) institution to which the student has been admitted, the student may invoke the CAA Transfer Credit Appeal Procedure as indicated in the appeal document below: