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Offering Academic Support to Our Students
Sherry Wimsatt Randy Hollifield    
Sherry Wimsatt Randy Hollifield    

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) opened on October 13, 2010 in the upper area of MTCC's library. The ARC was created as part of the Quality Enhancement Plan that was required in MTCC's reaccreditation process.
The ARC has eighteen computers with Internet access that can be used by all students free of charge. There is also a color printer that is connected to all the computers (charge is $0.15 per page). In addition, there are tables, with electrical outlets, and comfortable chairs where students can do their school work.
Most importantly, tutors are available for students in almost every subject. The tutors are instructors at MTCC who spend part of their office time to help students who are in need of some extra help in their classes. Best of all, this tutoring service is FREE! Students who have used the resources and received tutoring in the ARC have indicated that they are thankful for the additional support that MTCC is providing to help them reach their goals. Come see us!

The ARC is located in Building 11 (Cedar) at the top of the ramp in the library, next to the Student Enrichment Center.

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday: 8:00AM - 7:00PM

**Note: During MTCC semester breaks the ARC is open only on a limited basis. The ARC is closed when the MTCC campus is closed.

Helpful Links:
- Click on the link to log into Blackboard and enroll in the Online Tutoring Services course (Username: student, Password: student)

- In this course, you can make an appointment with an instructor to get help in a particular course that you are taking at MTCC. Be sure to give your name and contact information. There are many other helpful resources available in this course.

Subject Matter Websites that may be helpful for your classes:
(click on the subject below to find a document with a list of websites):
Interactive Website for Creating Study Aids:
Click on the link above to get to a great, interactive site where you can make flashcards, learn vocabulary in many subjects and languages, and more!