Placement Testing


Student Enrichment Center (SEC): Placement Testing

Staff:  Wingate Cain, Director (on leave)

Susan Long, Interim Director, Student Enrichment Center: 828-659-0418 [email protected] 

Location: The SEC is located in Building 11 (Administration Building) in the rear upper level of the library.

The Student Enrichment Center provides a variety of testing, counseling and student support services. These include: Placement Testing and Career Assessments to explore student interests and aptitudes, Career Counseling Services, Tutorial Assistance Services and Support Services for Students with Disabilities (including students with learning disabilities). All Student Enrichment Center services are free to the MTCC student. Walk-ins are accepted; however, appointments are encouraged to guarantee the student these services in a timely manner.

Placement Test:
In order to guarantee high program standards and student success, it is important that the academic abilities of students be equal to program entrance requirements. The "open door" policy allows all students the opportunity to further their education; however, program entrance requirements must be met.

RISE- Reinforced Instruction for Student Excellence:
Beginning Fall 2019, the Pre-College (Developmental) program will be replaced with the Reinforced Instruction for Student Excellence (RISE) model. The RISE model places students into one of three pathways based primarily on their high school GPA and replaces prerequisite remediation with co-requisite remediation.

A high school GPA is the first placement measure for RISE. High school graduation must be from a U.S. high school within the past 10 years. The only applicants who will be required to take a placement test are those who graduated from high school more than 10 years ago (or from a foreign high school) and fall outside the other RISE criteria.
RISE Placement
HS GPA 2.8+ Gateway math or English without co-requisite
HS GPA 2.2-2.799 Gateway math or English co-requisite
HS GPA <2.2 Transition Math Course and/or Transition English Course
College level placement into English and math courses (without co-requisites) can also be attained by the following methods:
• Submit official ASSET, Accuplacer or COMPASS scores taken within the last ten years from another college.
• Submit an official transcript showing completion of college level English or math at an accredited college with
a grade of C or better.
• Submit proof of an ACT English score of 18 and ACT Reading score of 22 within the last ten years.
• Submit proof of an ACT Math score of 22 taken within the last ten years.
• Submit official SAT scores taken since March 2016- with scores above 480 for Evidenced-Based Reading and
Writing and above 530 for Mathematics. Older scores within ten years may also be used under different criteria.
Contact the Student Enrichment Center if you have questions about placement and the RISE Placement Test at 659-0418.

Practice Questions? See box at the top right-hand of this screen.  If you do not have access to the Internet, visit the SEC and pick up printed study guides. 

Rules for Placement Testing:
• Must have an application on file with Student Services.
• Must make an appointment with the Student Enrichment Center. Discuss special needs or concerns related to testing at that time. Persons with disabilities may request special accommodations and need to do so when scheduling the testing appointment to allow adequate time for needed arrangements to be made. Official documentation verifying the disability and the need for special accommodations must be submitted prior to testing. Special accommodations include, but are not limited to, braille, large print materials and tests on audiotape.
• Must bring MTCC Student Identification Number and have a picture ID. Pencils and scrap paper will be provided.
• Placement test scores are considered current for ten years. If you have not attended MTCC in ten years or more, new placement test scores may be required. Returning students who have successfully completed all developmental courses within the last 10 years will not be required to retest unless there has been a change of major which requires higher levels of math or English.

I need special testing accommodations due to a documented disability. How do I receive special accommodations for the placement test? Contact Gwen Reeves at 828-652-0678 before scheduling your placement test.