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Spring 2021 Semester Schedule

Click on the link below for our FULL Spring 2021 Semester Schedule, or look below for a breakdown of classes by traditional seated (in-person) classes, hybrid and blended classes (combination of in-person and online, and online only classes.
FULL Schedule (all classes):
Traditional Seated Classes (in-person, face-to-face): (Sections 01-05 are day classes. Sections 06-09 are evening classes. Sections 40-42 are Information Highway classes, which utilizes interactive video between two or more colleges.)
Hybrid and Blended Classes: (Sections 20-24 and 30-34 are Day classes. Sections 25-29 and 35-39 are Evening classes.)
Blended Classes: The primary delivery is via traditional face-to-face sessions with a requirement that students have internet access as a supplemental part of the course.
Hybrid Classes: Hybrid courses use a combination of online information and face-to-face class meetings. These classes will meet in a traditional classroom on the first day to receive the syllabus and review course requirements.
Online/Internet Classes: Sections 50-53 are Online/Internet classes. Sections 54-56 are Online/Internet classes with 3 to 5 mandatory in-person (face-to-face) meetings per semester. Sections 57-58 are Online/Internet classes with work experience requirements.
Sections 50-53: Students enrolling in online classes are required to attend an orientation session on January 6, 2020. Orientation will be held in 19-113 at 3:00pm or 5:30pm. You must log-on to your online course by January 15, 2020 and complete the 10% assignment. Failure to do so may result in you being dropped from the course.