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Academic Advising

A key person in your educational journey at McDowell Technical Community College is your academic advisor. This is a person assigned to you based on your declared major area and other factors. Your advisor will help you plan your academic program and advise and assist you with the registration process each semester. Your advisor must approve your course plans and occasionally other items of importance. 
Employees in the Student Services Office will notify new students of the name so their advisor.
 Academic Advisors
Program Id Title  
A25100 Accounting M. Burleson
C25100A Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bookkeeping Certificate M. Burleson
C25100B Accounting - Income Tax Preparer Certificate M. Burleson
C25100C Accounting - Payroll Accounting Clerk Certificate M. Burleson
A30100 Advertising and Graphic Design Jay Perry
D30100 Advertising and Graphic Design Diploma Jay Perry
C30100 Advertising and Graphic Design Certificate  Jay Perry
A35100 Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology S. Wilson
D35100 Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology Diploma S. Wilson
A45110 Associate Degree Nursing H. Vess
A60160 Automotive Systems Technology D. McCraw
D60160 Automotive Systems Technology Diploma D. McCraw
C60160 Automotive Systems Technology Certificate  D. McCraw
C55120 Basic Law Enforcement Training Certificate A. Moore
A25120B Business Administration C. Cross
A25120M Business Administration - Marketing M. Hyatt
A25120O Business Administration - Operations Management R. Pearson
C25120O Business Administration - Operations Management Cert R. Pearson
A10100 College Transfer- Associate in Arts & General Education   
A10300 A - C K. McFarland
  D - K S. Dietrich
  L - R J. Dillard
  S - Z C. Ward
A10400 Associate in Science  
  A - E C. Bowling
  F - K J. Culp
  L - O R. Getty
  P - R T. McClelland
  S - V N. Smith
  W - Z B. Watts
A10500 Associate in Engineering  
  A - I C. Bowling
  J - R J. Culp
  S - Z B. Watts
A50210 Computer-Integrated Machining W. Stines
D50210 Computer-Integrated Machining Diploma W. Stines
C50210C Computer-Integrated Machining- CNC Operator Certificate W. Stines
C50210D Computer-Integrated Machining- CADCAM Certificate W. Stines
C50210M Computer-Integrated Machining- Manual Machine Operator Certificate  W. Stines
A55140 Cosmetology - Day C. Snyder
A55140 Cosmetology - Night H. Jamison
D55140 Cosmetology Diploma- Day  C. Snyder
D55140 Cosmetology Diploma- Night H. Jamison
C55160 Cosmetology Instructor Certificate C. Snyder
A55210 Early Childhood Education R. Steele
A55210 Cyber Crime Technology R. Hollifield
C55210A Cyber Crime Technology Certificate- Basic R. Hollifield
C55210B Cyber Crime Technology Certificate- Advanced R. Hollifield
D55220 Early Childhood Diploma R. Steele
C55220I Early Childhood - Infant/Toddler Care Certificate R. Steele
C55220 Early Childhood Certificate R. Steele
C55220S Early Childhood Special Education Certificate  R. Steele
A10100EC Early College B. Cline
A35130 Electrical System Technology S. Buff
D35130 Electrical System Technology Diploma S. Buff
A55460 Emergency Management C. Effler
C55460C Emergency Management Certificate - Criminal Justice C. Effler
C55460E Emergency Management Certificate  C. Effler
C55460F Emergency Management Certificate - Fire Technology C. Effler
A45340 Emergency Medical Science E. Edwards
A45340BR Emergency Medical Science- Paramedic Bridge Program E. Edwards
C45340 Emergency Medical Science Certificate E. Edwards
C55230 Esthetics Technology Certificate J. Smith
C55270 Esthetics Instructor Certificate J. Smith
A1030N General Education (Pre-Nursing) Belinda Foster
A55280 General Occupational Technology J. Padgett
A45360 Health Information Technology A - N =  Valerie Dobson   /   O - Z =  Judy Butner
D45360 Health Information Technology Diploma A - N =  Valerie Dobson   /   O - Z =  Judy Butner
C45360A Health Information Technology Certificate- Hit Release of Information  A - N =  Valerie Dobson   /   O - Z =  Judy Butner
C45360B Health Information Technology Certificate- Hit Medical Billing and Coding  A - N =  Valerie Dobson   /   O - Z =  Judy Butner
C45360IF Health Information Technology Certificate - Health Care Informatics A - N =  Valerie Dobson   /   O - Z =  Judy Butner
D45970 Health Science Therapeutic and Diagnostic Services Nurse Aide Diploma * See Health Science Advisor list below 
A25200M Healthcare Management Technology A - N =  Valerie Dobson   /   O - Z =  Judy Butner
A25200L Healthcare Management Technology- Long-term Care A - N =  Valerie Dobson   /   O - Z =  Judy Butner
C25200M Healthcare Management Technology Certificate- Receptionist A - N =  Valerie Dobson   /   O - Z =  Judy Butner
C25200L Healthcare Management Technology Certificate- Long-term Care    A - N =  Valerie Dobson   /   O - Z =  Judy Butner
A25590A Information Technology (Information Systems) T. Walsh
A25590B Information Technology (Network Management) T. Walsh
A25590C Information Technology (Software and Web Development) T. Walsh
A25590D Information Technology (Web Administration and Design) T. Walsh
D25590B Information Technology Networking Management Diploma T. Walsh
C25590A Information Technology Certificate  T. Walsh
C25590B Information Systems Advanced Certificate T. Walsh
C25590E Information Technology Software & Web Development Certificate T. Walsh
C25590F Information Technology Software & Web Development Advanced Certificate T. Walsh
C25590G Information Technology Web Administration & Design Certificate T. Walsh
C25590H Information Technology Web Administration & Design Advanced Certificate  T. Walsh
A40350 Mechatronics Engineering Technology S. Buff
C40350 Mechatronics Engineering Technology Certificate S. Buff 
C45840 Nurse Aide Certificate * See Health Science Advisor list below 
A25370A Office Administration - General Office R. Pearson
A25370B Office Administration - Office Finance R. Pearson
A25370C Office Administration - Office Software R. Pearson
D25370A Office Administration Diploma- General Office R. Pearson
C25370A Office Administration Certificate - General Office R. Pearson
A30280 Photographic Technology B. Madden
C30280 Photography Technology Certificate B. Madden
D45660 Practical Nursing Diploma * See Health Science Advisor list below 
D50420 Welding Technology Diploma S. Buff
C50420 Welding Technology Certificate S. Buff
T90990 Special Credit J. Padgett
T90990CJ Special - Criminal Justice S. Buff
  * Health Science Advisors  
  A - E L. Bartlett
  F - J J. Gouge
  K - O P. Sain
  P - T B. Waycaster
  U - Z D. Wakefield