Human Resources Development


Human Resources Development (HRD)

The purpose of the Human Resources Development (HRD) program is to educate and train individuals for success in the workplace. The HRD program focuses on the development of basic workplace skills by providing short-term employability skills training to unemployed and underemployed adults. Typical groups targeted for HRD training include, but are not limited to the following: unemployed insurance claimants, NC Works customers, public assistance recipients, dislocated workers, out-of-school youth, individuals in career/job transition, and probationers.

All classes in the HRD program are offered at no cost to unemployed individuals seeking employment and underemployed individuals who are working and meet special income guidelines. If you are not in either category, the usual occupational extension fee will apply. Classes are offered at the NC Works Career Center/ Ford Miller Employment and Training Center and scheduled on a continuous basis throughout the year to meet the needs of the students who enroll. For more information, call the HRD office at 659-6001, ext. 140.

HRD Employability Keyboarding

Gain basic knowledege of the keyboard to facilitate transition into advanced keyboarding, introductory computer or office technology classes. Explore careers and understand the importance of keyboarding/data entry skills in employment.

HRD Career Planning and Assessment

Find out about you, search for the ideal career, and get in touch with the resources to reach your goal.

HRD Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) Prep

Earn a North Carolina Career Readiness Certificate based on the ACT WorkKeys system. It is a portable credential recognized nationally, that shows employers your skill level in Applied Math, Reading for Information, and Locating Information. Prove to employers you have the skills to do the job by earning a bronze, silver or gold certificate.

HRD Manufacturing Certification

Gain a basic knowledge of advanced manufacturing practices and concepts and earn specific certifications in: OSHA Safety, First Aid/CPR and Career Readiness (see Career Readiness Certificate above). Students will take tours of manufacturing plants in the area, meet with selected employers and complete job interviews, depending on manufacturer availability. Apprenticeship and On-the-job Training opportunities will be explored.

HRD Resume/Interviewing/Internet Job Search

Professionally prepare for the job you want! Utilize resume development techniques to complete a professional resume; prepare for your interview; become familiar with application procedures; and do Internet job searches to assist you in locating and obtaining employment.

HRD Success By Choice

Develop a healthy self-esteem and positive attitude to ensure a happy life and a successful career. Establish goals and explore career opportunities.

HRD Basic Technology Literacy

Make the transition into technology training easy by gaining an awareness of the role of technology in the workplace. Develop basic computer use skills, compile employment-related documents, research careers, and understand the impact of social networking on employment.

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