Adult High School


The Adult High School Diploma program consists of classroom instruction, learning laboratory courses, distance education, or a combination of instructional methods which deliver the course objectives required to earn an Adult High School Diploma. The AHS Diploma Program is offered cooperatively with the local public school system to help adults earn an Adult High School Diploma. Diplomas are issued cooperatively by the community college and the local public school system. Official transcripts are maintained and issued by MTCC.

Required Credits:

Colleges must offer at least the minimum number of credits required for graduation by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (link is external). Electives are selected from a variety of program offerings and structured so that students develop a range of skills which qualify them to succeed in the labor market or to enter technical, vocational, or college transfer programs. There is no cost to students for courses. However, a minimal graduation fee may be required.


Enrollment Requirements:
1. Transcript: Students must meet with an advisor to evaluate their transcript and determine the classes they need to earn their diploma.  Please bring your official transcript in a sealed envelope to the MTCC College and Career Readiness office located at the Ford Miller Employment and Training Center/ NC Works, 316 Baldwin Ave., Marion, NC. Office hours are Monday – Thursdays 1pm – 4pm.  Your transcript will be evaluated there, and you will also make an appointment for an orientation and assessment session.

2.  Full time students must attend at least 20 hours / week. Day or evening classes are held Monday – Thursdays.


3.  Minimum age for enrollment is 18.  However, minors (16-17 years of age), with special permission, may also register if approved. Please call 659-6001 ext. 160 for additional information.


4.  Students must complete an orientation and assessment to determine academic needs and abilities.


4.  Students must receive a TABE® assessment of 9.0 to enroll in Adult High School or High School Equivalency Preparation classes. If a student scores below this, they will be referred to a Foundational Skills class. Learn more about the TABE® assessment at:


5.  A strict attendance policy is enforced.


For more information, contact Terry Valentino, Director of College and Career Readiness at 828-652-6001 ext. 137. Those interested in attending an orientation can sign-up by calling Ed King at 828-659-6001, extension 160.