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FREE Financial Literacy Classes

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Foundations of Investing Rules for investing - developing a strategy, choose quality investments, diversify portfolio, invest for the long term and focus on what you can control.
Rules of the Road Teaches fundamental concepts of investing and potential strategies to help build wealth.
Shares tips on how to develop a proactive strategy for protection and preparing for the unexpected. Strategies include having an emergency fund, establish line of credit, and review insurance/liability protection. 
Stocks: The Nuts and Bolts This presentation shares basic information to help investors evaluate how stocks may fit into an overall strategy.
Focus on Fixed Income Explains the basics of fixed income investments, the seven characteristics of, the advantages of laddering and how fixed income may be a part of your investment strategy.
An Investor's Tour of Mutual Funds A detailed look at the features, benefits and risks associated with mutual funds as well as a map to mutual fund selection.
Retirement by Design Discusses the need to define retirement goals, determine savings needed to reach those goals (using the rule of 25) and how to use the power of 3 (time/money/return) to reach those goals.
Tax Free Investing Overview of tax-advantaged investments such as muni bonds (muni/UIT/mutual funds), IRAs (traditional/Roth/401k/403b) and/or life insurance.
Preparing Your Estate Plan Basic overview of estate planning -- account registration, bveneficiary designation, will, trust, tax information, life insurance, and TOD.
Simplifying Your Spending and Savings Strategies Encourages developing a budget, identifying financial goalsm understanding the balance between spending, saving and borrowing and having a strategy.
The Entrepreneurial Equation Seminar Gives ideas for putting banking, retirement and insurance tools to work to build and protect attendees' business. 
Five Money Questions for Women Shares prospective on a process women can use to identify financial goals and set a strategy. Discusses Rule of 72, systematic investing, employer-sponsored retirement plans and IRAs as strategies for saving.
Put Your Retirement Plan to Work Encourages participating in an employer-sponsored plan, explains why it is important to start saving now, suggests two additional tax-advantaged ways to save outside the employer plan and encourages rollover money from preious employer plans.