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Customized Industry Training

We are proud to work with our manufacturing and industry partners in McDowell County.  It is our goal to provide training and education customized for specific industry and ensure the employability of the community we serve.
Industry continues to grow in McDowell County.  The industry careers have changed over the last few decades.  New opportunities await our workforce in the various industry fields.  Technology and robotics manufacturing have changed the landscape of the traditional manufacturing careers.  Those entering these new fields of industry and manufacturing are being rewarded with challenging and skilled careers with high salaries. 
At McDowell Tech, it is our desire to serve our community by providing the skills necessary to make YOU prepared for a new career adventure.
Made in McDowell
Provided by McDowell Workforce Pipeline
Provided by:
Eddie Shuford
Eddie Shuford, Director
Customized Industry Training
McDowell Technical Community College
Robert Flannery
Robert Flannery, Industrial Technical Trainer
Customized Industry Training
Universal Advanced Manufacturing Center/Baxter Healthcare
McDowell Technical Community College
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