Career & College Promise (CCP) (Almost) Free College!

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Career and College Promise (CCP)
Success in today's global economy may require a two or four-year degree, a certificate or a diploma. The purpose of Career and College Promise (CCP) is to offer structured opportunities for qualified high school students to dually enroll in community college courses that provide pathways that lead to a certificate, diploma, degree, or State or industry-recognized credential as well as provide entry-level jobs skills.
Career and College Promise offers North Carolina high school students a clear path to success in college or in a career. The program is free to all students who maintain a "B" average and meet other eligibility requirements. Through a partnership of the Department of Public Instruction, the N.C. Community College System, the University of North Carolina system and many independent colleges and universities, North Carolina is helping eligible high school students to begin earning college credit at a community college campus at no cost to them or their families.
The three pathways include:
1. College Transfer Pathways (CTP) requires the completion of at least 30 semester hours of transfer courses including English and mathematics.
2. Career and Technical Education Pathways (CTE):
   a) a curriculum Career and Technical Education Pathway leading to a certificate or diploma aligned with a high school career cluster.
   b) a Workforce Continuing Education Pathway (WCEP) leading to a certificate or diploma aligned with a high school career cluster.
3. Cooperative Innovative High School Programs (CIHSP) are located on college campuses (unless a waiver was provided) and provide opportunities for students to complete an associate degree program or earn up to two years of college credit within five years. Information about McDowell Early College and McDowell Academy for Innovation can be found on their respective webpages.
Current CCP Operating Procedures and other helpful information can be accessed at the NC Community Colleges CCP webpage at
Other helpful links:
To access the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement and Transfer Course Lists:
To access the UNC System university/college Course Equivalencies webpages:
To access the NC DPI Dual Credit Allowances Chart:
**Students should always check with their high school principal/counselor for their specific graduation requirements and dual credit allowances.
CCP CTP and CTE Pathways offered at McDowell Tech for the 2020-2021 academic year are outlined in the attached brochure.

All Career and College Promise (CCP) students must complete the following steps:
1. Download and complete the Application for Admission-Career and College Promise.
2. Submit a current high school transcript showing classes taken BY ACADEMIC YEAR and CUMULATIVE grade point average based on a 4-POINT SCALE. Examples of transcripts can be found via Google. **Note that classes must be listed by grade level taken.
3. IF a student's cumulative GPA is less than required to meet program eligibility requirements, he/she may need to demonstrate college readiness on an approved diagnostic assessment or placement test. Official test scores from PSAT, SAT, Pre-ACT, ACT, NC DAP or SAT can be reviewed or students can contact the Student Enrichment Center (Building 11) for placement testing schedules and practice test questions to take the RISE Placement Test.
4. Download and complete the Career and College Registration and Permission Form. This form must be completed by the student and high school principal/designee. Complete forms for CTE and CTP pathways should be returned to Betsy Ruiz or Emilee Crowder.
5. Home school students may be requested to provide Official Non-Public School Registration Record which can be accessed and downloaded at
6. Home school students must provide a Four Year High School Plan.
For assistance with a CCP-related issue, please see the CCP/MTCC Assistance chart. This will be updated periodically to better provide resource information to students, parents, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders.
For more information:
Betsy Ruiz, NC Career Coach                       Emilee Crowder, NC Career Coach
MTCC Office: 828-652-0621                          MTCC Office: 828-659-0427
MHS Office: 828-652-7920                            MHS Office: 828-652-7920       
54 College Drive                                             54 College Drive
Marion, NC 28752                                           Marion, NC 28752

Articulated Credit
Through the McDowell Articulation Program (MAP), students may be able to transfer or "articulate" high school Career-Technical Education credits to McDowell Technical Community College. State and local agreements allow graduates from McDowell County Schools to simply "request" credit using an Articulation Form. To receive articulated credit towards a program of study at McDowell Tech, students must have a minimum final grade of "B" in the course and a VOCATS exam score of 93 for a state-wide articulated course or 90 for a local articulated course. To receive articulated credit, students must enroll in the community college within two years of their high school graduation date. The following MAP chart outlines the courses that articulate between McDowell County Schools and McDowell Technical Community College.
For more information about articulated credit, contact:
Julie Padgett, Director of Enrollment Management
54 College Drive
Marion, NC 28752