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About Graphic Design


Graphic Design is everywhere you look. It surrounds you on a daily basis. From t-shirts and coffee cups to billboards and cereal packaging, graphic design helps communicate a message.


Graphic design is about problem-solving. It uses visual designs to communicate those solutions.


About Our Programs


Students who complete our full two-year program will receive an Associates of Applied Science Degree.  We also offer an one-year Diploma program, a Certificate program consisting of five courses, and Career and College Promise classes for high school students. 


The instructors of the Advertising and Graphic Design program have diverse backgrounds and real-world experience that translate into an unique learning experience.  Smaller class sizes give each student opportunities for hands on learning and individualized instruction, providing students with a greater understanding of critical techniques and skills.  It is this one-on-one atmosphere that prepares each student for the real world.


About Our Curriculum


McDowell Tech created the Advertising and Graphic Design program to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for employment in the graphic design profession, which emphasizes design, advertising and illustration, as well as digital and multimedia preparation of printed and electronic promotional materials.


Instructors train students in the development of concept and design for promotional materials (newspaper and magazine advertisements, posters, folders, letterheads, corporate symbols, brochures, booklets), preparation of art for printing, lettering and typography, photography, and electronic media.


Our graduates work in graphic design studios, advertising agencies, printing companies, department stores, a wide variety of manufacturing industries, newspapers, and businesses with in-house graphics operations.

Career Information from the Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the United States Department of Labor:
Degrees offered:
Advertising and Graphic Design    
Advertising and Graphic Design-Associate Degree A30100 50.0402
Advertising and Graphic Design-Diploma D30100 50.0402
Advertising and Graphic Design-Certificate C30100 50.0402
Advertising and Graphic Design-Certificate/Pathway C30100P 50.0402
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Student work slideshow. Click on an image to enlarge. See "Photo Album" for more examples of student work.