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Mad Science STEM Camp

Mad Science STEM Camp has been cancelled for 2020. We look forward to welcoming campers back in July 2021.



Mad Science STEM Camp


Do you have a young scientist itching to stretch their science muscles over summer break? If yes, then this Mad Science STEM Camp is for you! MTCC is partnering with BioEase Network to provide a four-day camp jam-packed with fun and learning! Campers will be fully engaged with interactive experiments teaching both practical and amazing science lessons. Attend and explore the world of chemical reactions, harness the power of the sun to create tasty treats, unleash the awesomeness of the scientific method and much, much more!


Who: Rising 8th grade students


When: Cancelled for 2020


Where: McDowell Technical Community College


Cost: FREE! Includes lunch and snacks!


Transportation: Not provided




Registration Deadline: Mad Science STEM Camp has been cancelled for 2020. We look forward to welcoming campers back in July 2021.


Contact Information:

Dr. Beverly Watts, 828-652-0669 or

Daily Themes will include four of the following:

Potions Day - campers are introduced to laboratory safety, the scientific method, and chemical reactions. Activities include chalk chromatography, decorating backpacks using chromatography, making lava lamps, creating Alka-seltzer like tablets to run lava lamp, and an unknown white powder identification activity.

Power Day - campers learn about alternative sources of energy. Activities include making solar-powered ovens to cook s'mores, making human batteries, learning about UV energy and exposure, and building function wind turbines.

Monster Day - campers will be emerged in the world of anatomy and physiology by seeing what it would take to make and keep a monster alive. Activities include reverse engineering a cardiovascular system, building a model lung, investigating vision, and engineering alternative ways to close a bone fracture.

Spy Day - campers will dive into the secret world of spies. Activities include code-breaking and code-building (cryptography), using and identifying invisible inks, making camouflage, and work with biometrics.

Inventions Day - campers will spend the day tinkering! Activities include building a Rube Goldberg Machines, rockets, and free maker-space time.