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Introduction to Cybersecurity

Enroll in our next Cybersecurity course being taught in the Continuing Education Department at McDowell Technical Community College for a comprehensive review of the technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage and unauthorized access.
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Introduction to Windows 10

This class is designed to be user friendly for students who may have limited computer skills. Topics include basic computer terminology, launching and managing applications, utilizing the Windows 10 environment including File Explorer. Students will be shown how to work with documents, create new files/folders, how to save and rename files/folders, how to work with text including editing, inserting, highlighting and deleting text. Students will also be introduced to Mail, Cortana, the Calendar and Microsoft Edge.
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Final Week of Spring Registration

This is the final week of registration for Spring Semester. Classes begin January 7th. Tuition and fees are due by 4:30 pm on January 4th in the Business Office or by January 6th online in WebAdvisor. Those not paying by this time will have to re-register and pay beginning January 7th.
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Change in Wednesday's Weather Message

This is a change from our original message today: MTCC will be closed for day classes on Wednesday, December 12th for everyone. A decision about night classes won't be made until around mid-day Wednesday or shortly thereafter. (snowman:
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