Register for Two Semesters at Once!

When registration for the Summer Semester opens on April 16, 2018, students will experience a first for McDowell Tech--the ability to register for two semesters at one time.
“Beginning with the summer term, a student may elect to register for the summer semester, the fall semester, or both when he or she registers for classes,” said Dr. Penny Cross, Vice-President for Learning and Student Services.
“We are trying to be more and more pro-active and student friendly and we think this is another step in that direction. Students like to plan ahead just like the rest of us. Sometimes they want to make sure that they get in a class they need for graduation before the class is full and closed. Other times, they just like having the assurance of knowing what is coming next,” said Cross. “Either way, we think they will like this new change.
Both summer and fall schedules are already on the college’s website.
“If a student registers for the fall semester now and later finds that they need to change their schedule due to work commitments, childcare issues or any other reason, we will help them change the schedule before classes start in August,” Cross continued.
Students will still register online, a process that started a few semesters ago. New students will need to apply and see their advisor before registering in “WebAdvisor.” To apply, visit the college website and follow the procedures under Admissions > Admissions.
“Our biggest challenge has been working out the kinks in the computerized scheduling system that is maintained by Raleigh, but we think that we have all of that worked out now,: she said. “If there’s a glitch, however, we ask that students bear with us as we correct the problem. Others having been doing this for some time, but this is a first for us. We think it will go smoothly, but if there is a problem give us a chance to work things out before you panic.”