Landscape Gardening Program Enters Second Semester

This fall, McDowell Technical Community College began offering degrees, certificates and classes to help individuals establish a career and become successful in the field of landscape gardening. The landscape gardening curriculum is designed specifically for students who want a career in production, installation and maintenance or general landscape gardening.
The program is welcoming new applicants to enroll for the spring semester.
As of now, the program offers both a two-year associate’s degree, as well as three shorter-term certificates.
As the program grows, other certificates or degrees may be offered.
For those who want to work in greenhouse production, nursery and large plant propagation, or related careers, the production certificate will cover core knowledge and skills to make students successful in the field. For those who prefer to install and maintain landscape plants, including landscape design and horticultural pest management, the installation and maintenance certificate is the basic entry point in this career.
While the program is designed to prepare individuals for new careers, hobbyists and folks who want to improve their own lawn or garden are welcome to take classes as well.
“We are excited to be one of only a handful of programs in the state to offer this program,” said Dr. John Gossett, President of McDowell Tech. “Our instructor, Tom Sloop, comes with lots of knowledge and experience in the field and has taught this program at another college in the past.”
To register for the class, contact Tom Sloop at 828-659-0405 or email