FREE Tuition With CCP?

The Career and College Promise (CCP) is a program with one simple goal—to allow eligible high school students to dually enroll in high school and community college classes where they can earn a certificate, diploma, degree or a state or industry-recognized credential and entry-level job skills.

But the real “deal” with CCP is that tuition for the community college classes are FREE. Two online information sessions will be held during the week of March 22nd for students and their parents interested in the CCP program. Traditional high school students are encouraged to attend the session on Monday, March 22nd at 6 pm, while home-schooled students and their parents are encouraged to attend the session on Thursday, March 25th at 6 pm.

Links to attend the online information sessions are available at and individuals who are not able to attend either of these sessions may listen to a recording of these information sessions shortly after the events. Dial-in information is also provided on that page for folks who do not have internet access and want to participate in the sessions by phone.

The program works like this: students in the 11th or 12th grade, both traditional high school students as well as home school students, fill out a short application and submit it to the college along with a transcript of their prior high school credits and a permission form from their high school administrator, specifically the high school principal or his or her designee. At McDowell High School, for example, Ed Spivey, the principal, or Kendall Waugh, his designee, may sign the permission form for students.

There are a few rare and exceptional situations in which high school students below the 11th grade may be considered for admission to the program, but criteria for such admissions is very rigorous.

Students who apply to the program identify a career goal, such as nursing, engineering, teaching, or any other number of professions. Based on the career goals a student has identified, career coaches from McDowell Tech work with students to identify “Career Pathways” that align with their career goals.

A student interested in business administration, for example, might choose from one of three business administration programs, or a student in nursing might choose a nursing assistant pathway. Other students may be directed to a college transfer pathway for credits that would transfer to a four-year college in non-vocational program areas.

If accepted, students then register for and attend regular college classes identified and approved in their chosen pathway and earn regular college credits—all while still in high school. And the best part? There is no tuition for these classes!

There are a few minimum standards that students must meet in order to be accepted into the program and in all cases, admission is subject to approval from the high school administrator, as indicated above. Generally speaking, students must have a cumulative, unweighted grade point average of at least 2.8 in all prior high school classes. Those not meeting this requirement may be allowed to submit a letter of recommendation from the high school administrator in career and technical education pathways, or appropriate test standardized test scores from an approved test, such as Pre-ACT, ACT, PSAT or SAT.

Those who visit will find application information to assist students and their parents as they begin the application process. Contact information is also provided for three career coaches designated for traditional high school students, as well as non-traditional and home-schooled students. 

It’s just that simple: FREE tuition, FREE college credits and a head start on job skills and training that puts students miles ahead of their peers! Now is the time for you or your high school student to get in on the deal. Attend one of the information sessions this week and see how you can get started.