Spring Break to Begin Immediately, For 2 weeks

- All classes (credit, non credit, HRD, Adult HS, CCP) will be canceled during this time.

- Faculty and staff will be allowed to work 1/2 a day on campus with the flexibility to take work home the other 1/2 where applicable. This will give faculty and staff time to prepare for the remainder of the semester as well as to aid in social distancing.

- Because they are self-contained, the Daycare will remain open as scheduled.

We will work with the appropriate agencies to help determine the completion of the semester once we return. When we return the expectation will be that online course will remain online. Hybrid courses will convert to a completely online methodology. Courses with substantial lab/shop/clinical hours will remain as is. We will take these next two weeks to discuss with the faculty our concerns about converting face-to-face course sections to completely online sections. I know that is easier said than done and do not want to put our faculty or students in a situation where completing the semester is unattainable.

Again, your health and safety is our major concern. While this is inconvenient for us all, these steps are in the best interest of the school, the county, the state and the country. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.