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Basic Law Enforcement Training

McDowell Technical Community College offers two Basic Law Enforcement Training programs that provide a schedule for anyone meeting the requirements to attend. The programs cover a wide variety of law enforcement training in 624 hours. The program is para-military structured. It is a very rigorous and demanding course both academically and physically. Candidates planning to attend should begin a physical training regiment prior to attending (see a doctor for advice regarding the right physical training regiment for you). Upon successful completion of all required instruction and testing, the candidate will be administered a comprehensive state exam by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission.


  • Candidate must be 20 years of age upon entry into the program or be 19 years      of age at the time of entry, be 20 years of age at the completion of the course,      and have permission from the School Director and Director Criminal Justice      Education and Training Standards Commission.
  • Candidate must have successfully completed high school or a GED program.
  • Candidate must score at least a 10th grade level on a reading placement test.
  • Candidate can not have been convicted of any felony (anytime) or class B      misdemeanor in the last five years.
  • Candidate must be in good physical condition.
  • Candidate must be a US Citizen.

Steps and Forms:
All complete application packets should be turned in to The Law Enforcement Training Center office. Do not submit completed application packets or materials to any other section of the college. Law Enforcement Training staff will ensure that once completed application packets are submitted, documentation will be forwarded to various divisions of the college as needed.

  1. Contact the Law Enforcement Training Center at (828)652-0677 to set up an      appointment for an initial interview.
  2. Go to www.cfnc.org and create an account. After creating an account, use      CFNC to apply to McDowell Technical Community College. Be sure to      choose Basic Law Enforcement Training (Program Code: C55120).

  3. Complete a reading placement test. This test is administered by Law      Enforcement Training staff. This test can be scheduled during the initial      interview.
  4. Complete the MTCC BLET Application and sign in front of a notary      public.
  5. Make a photocopy of your Driver's License.
  6. Make a photocopy of your high school diploma.
  7. Obtain an official sealed copy of your high school transcripts.
  8. Make a photocopy of your birth certificate.
  9. Obtain a certified copy of your criminal records history from every county      clerk of court where you have lived since age 16.
  10. Candidates with any military service will need to provide a copy of their      military separation form DD214.
  11. Complete the McDowell Technical Community College Basic Law      Enforcement Training Sponsorship Form. Candidates with a sponsorship      from a Law Enforcement Agency are considered tuition free. Candidates      without law enforcement sponsorship will be required to pay tuition.
  12. Complete the Medical History Statement having the physician review and      sign the form.
  13. Obtain a physical examination from a licensed medical practitioner utilizing      the Medical Examination Report.
  14. Ensure that the completed application process with all documentation is      turned in to the Law Enforcement Training Center.

BLET Checklist


The Basic Law Enforcement Training Program routinely examines new ways to save students the high cost of college. Currently, tuition is waived through agency sponsorship. Most books and lesson plans are provided through our new tablet rental program. The total fees are minimal to attend.

What is a sponsorship?:

A law enforcement agency reviews your criminal record and signs a sponsorship form. The agency is not agreeing to pay any costs or engaging in a job offer. This sponsorship is simply a method to guarantee that students meet certain criteria and are capable of being employed by a law enforcement agency once the program is successfully completed.

Financial Aid:

Our financial aid office can be reached at (828)652-0602 or (828)652-0624. Veterans benefits are also available for the Basic Law Enforcement Training Program.

Schedule of Basic Law Enforcement Training Classes:

The Law Enforcement Training Center at McDowell Technical Community College offers academies that are suitable to most applicant's needs. Throughout the year, several academies are offered. These academies include part-time classes that operate Monday-Thursday, 6:00pm-10:00pm and full-time classes that operate Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm. All academies complete approximately 650 hours. Please contact the Law Enforcement Training Center for a schedule of upcoming classes.

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