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Methods of Distance Learning

• Online class instruction is offered off campus and delivered via the Internet. Students receive their assignments and information from their instructor, participate in online discussion forums, submit work, and take test through Blackboard or Moodle (CMS). A possible exception: a student may be required to come to campus or select a college approved proctor to complete an exam. Instructors are available by email, telephone, and on campus during office hours. These sections are designated by 95, and 96 on your academic roster.

( An Orientation for online classes are provided and highly recommended for the online student, this orientation will provide useful information, resources, and tutorials that will assist in succeeding in a distance education course, by completing the orientation prior to taking an online course, you will be better prepared and ready to concentrate on the course content. Location: main campus Date: first day of classes for each semester. )

• Hybrid cources are offered on campus but with an internet component. Students will meet with their professor in a classroom at predetermined days/times, the online portion of the course is supplemented with class notes, assignments, test, and discussion forums, which are available online through Blackboard or Moodle. These sections are designated by 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, and 46.

• North Carolina Information Highway (NCIH) also known as the Information Highway courses are teleconferences, delivered in a special classroom on campus at a specific time and day. This method enables an instructor at one location to teach to one or more other locations. It also allows MTCC to provide courses that might otherwise not be available locally. It is full two-way, audio/video communication; classes are both sent and received using microphones, video cameras, television monitors, and telephones in the Interactive Television (ITV) classroom. Blackboard and/or Moodle are utilized as a supplementary component for testing and assignments. Sections that are designated by a 67, 68, 69, and 70 are NCIH classes.

• Web Assisted classes meet face to face for all class meeting with a requirement that students have internet access as a supplemental part of the course. My Math Lab, My Art Lab, Web Tutor, and My Education Lab are a few of the online web assisted programs we utilize. Section 71 and 72 on the academic roster are Web Assisted.


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