Welcome to the Mandatory MTCC Online Blackboard Orientation Page...

Getting started:
You are here due to your interest in online learning. In general, the mandatory orientation assignment
provides basic information for new online learners and a readiness checklist for previous online learners.
Be sure to complete the required form by clicking the "First Time Student" or "Previous Student" link.

Online students are expected to be familiar with the Course Management System (Blackboard) in order
to fully participate in the class (view announcements, course information, engage in discussions, and
submit assignments). Assuming that you have completed the online orientation and completed the form
at the end successfully, you are now ready to enter your online course.

If you need help, have questions, or encounter any problem with the orientation, please contact
Joan Weiler, Blackboard System Administrator. Phone: 828-652-0651 or Email: jweiler@mcdowelltech.edu.

*Note: Failure to log in to your Internet or Hybrid class as soon as the semester begins, and complete the required coursework, and orientation, may cause you to receive a grade of "No Show" by your course instructor(s).

You are a Distance Learning Student if You are Taking Any of the following:
• Internet Course: Any Course with Section Numbers 95 96 48 49
• Hybrid Course: Any Course with Section Numbers 40 41 42 43 44 45 46

The following courses are NOT located in MTCC Blackboard, they are in My Math Lab or Web Assign:
MAT101, *MAT110 (*Fall 2014), MAT140, MAT271 and MAT273
Please contact:
J Culp - 652-0650 - jenniferc@mcdowelltech.edu - MAT140
B Watts - 652-0669 - beverlywat@mcdowelltech.edu - MAT101, MAT271, MAT273

If you are a first time online learning student at MTCC, please click on
" First Time MTCC online student ". -
 • Then complete the Mandatory Orientation Assignment

If you have taken an online class at MTCC before, please click on
" Previous MTCC online student ". -
 • Then complete the Mandatory Orientation Assignment

Blackboard Orientation
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First Time
MTCC online student
MTCC online student