Mandatory Orientation Assignment
Be sure to complete the student information form so we can verify your enrollment.
Failure to type in all required information may result in a grade of
"No Show" by your
course instructor.

This assignment is for students who have taken a previous Internet or Hybrid class or
just completed the Mandatory Online Orientation.

Yes, I have previous experience with Online Learning
Great! Before continuing your Online education, please ensure that you have
completed and/or understand the following topics listed below:

1. I understand that web browsers, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, may view Blackboard content differently, or not at all.
2. I understand that certain Internet Service Providers such as AOL, MSN, CompuServ, are not recommended for use with Blackboard and may cause sporadic connectivity problems.
3. I understand that a wireless connection to Blackboard may not be as reliable as a wired connection.
4. I have successfully logged into a previously enrolled Blackboard course. OR completed the online or seated Bb Orientation.
5. I have found the Announcements in a Blackboard course.
6. I have found the Syllabus area of a Blackboard course.
7. I have found the Assignments area of a Blackboard course.
8. I have navigated to a Discussion Board in a Blackboard course.
9. I have started a thread in the Discussion area of a Blackboard course.
10. I have responded to a thread in the Discussion area of a Blackboard course.
11. I have successfully submitted an assignment via the Blackboard Assignment tool.
12. I have checked my grades through the 'Tools' section of a Blackboard course.
13. I understand that I should contact my course instructor first, if I encounter any technical difficulties.
14. If you have an issue logging in or unable to enter your course etc., contact your instructor, curriculum assistant, and/or distance learning, contact someone ASAP.

Please provide the following information, so we can verify your enrollment.

Submit this form only once per semester regardless of the number of classes you are taking:

Blackboard Mandatory Orientation Assignment Submission Form * = Required!

(Please type your first name.)
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(A primary email account for contact.)
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